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You think so? Well…I guess it is plausible for people to have big dramatic changes. Still, even if it is true, I can’t seem to picture it.

/Nods/ Yes. It might be even more difficult for him than it was for me, in a way. I grew up in the Empire’s capital, for the most part, but Brodik…where he was born wasn’t even originally part of the Empire. It was taken over a good while ago, but the region still retained its own culture. And being in the middle of the desert, it was pretty isolated. They still have their own customs, traditions, and language…in fact, Brodik had a slight accent when I first met him.

/Smiles faintly/ Yes, I know…well, I know it now, anyway. But back then, as far as I was concerned, it didn’t matter that I was fourteen years old. I had a title, an ability to scare people, and a frightening amount of power, considering what an angry kid I was.

It doesn’t have to be dramatic, exactly. People can change a lot while only changing a little. You should know the most about that, Lynette.

Oh, really? I didn’t know all that much about him. Of course, I suppose we don’t often make a habit of telling our life stories to people, do we? He must be doubly-lost then. Perhaps as someone who was a little lost herself, you can help him get un-lost. Or, maybe that would be a case of the blind leading the blind, eh?

That’s no good. I’ve never had any sort of power like that, so I was able to stay a child for a very long time. I suppose there was a time where I had to grow up and become serious though. Speaking of serious things, what should I have for dinner? Turnip stir-fry? Maybe turnip salad?

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((New Headcanon/AU where:

Mist didn’t actually give Raguna her house for free, she’s just a landlord who accepts turnips as an authentic form of payment.

In Rune Factory 1, turnips sell for 60g each and a house upgrade costs 200,000g. Plus you have to provide 2,000 lumber. Lumber costs 50g each, so that would be 100,000 more, making the TOTAL cost of an upgrade 300,000g.

I have no idea what his farm would cost but let’s say its twice the cost of an upgrade.

That would bring Raguna’s debt up to 600,000.

That would mean Raguna owes Mist exactly 10,000 turnips.

Better get on that Raguna.))


Note to self: Never bring a turnip inside the TARDIS.

((i may be off for a bit but like this and i will try to send a nyooming mist past you))


*zooms by other skaters, still unable to stop*

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…You say that is if it was inevitable for them to be married. /Smiles/ You think so? Now I feel like I should ask if that’s something you might agree with! /Nods/ Well, peculiar for her, I suppose, unless something dramatic has changed within her thinking.

That’s true… /Smiles, obviously in her own little world for a moment, before snapping out of it and looking at Mist/ I know you live on the opposite side of town and all, but…well, I worry about him. He’s been behaving himself, right?

/Laughs awkwardly, remembering all the times in the past where she had to smack some sense into him, make sure his conduct was appropriate, that he wasn’t doing something stupid like attempting to bench press a cannon…/ Wow, I guess some old habits die hard…we have quite a history, I guess you could say. I’ve known him since he was just a kid…though he was still taller than me, even then. I guess I was technically a kid too, but if anyone had told me that, it wouldn’t have gone well…

Well, maybe it was! You never know what fate has in store for you- Sometimes it really throws you for a loop, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the way it’s supposed to be. I think she probably changed, but come to think of it, I shouldn’t have been so surprised by that either.

So far he’s been behaving. I haven’t heard any recent complaints. I try to keep an eye on him- he’s rather lost in some ways, isn’t he? I suppose being in a foreign land, it’s natural to be lost- everything around you is so different. I know I’ve gotten a bit lost from time to time here myself. 

That’s rather silly of you, Lynette. After all, we were all children once. Where would we come from otherwise? You know, I suppose even monsters have to start off as children. It’s important to have fun when you’re young, too. 

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